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Where should I start?... How about a random quote from a wise man? Maybe a general sentence that does not mean anything to anyone? A joke? An essay? Haiku? A poem? Nah...

How about: the truth.

The eCommerce market has been growing so fast that it has become close to impossible to keep track of available platforms worldwide. While the market grew, the number of available platforms has also grown.

State of OSE (let's call it BETA for now) is not based on any survey, but only on data which can be extracted from public repositories. In the near future, once this site is known world wide (if), I will release a survey to rate each platform, both as a developer, and as a Merchant.

Right down below this section you can see current state, without detailed information, of 18 openSource eCommerce frameworks.

Which eCommerce frameworks are tracked?

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  • How many people like the project
  • Number of open issues and active pull requests
  • Number of confirmed bugs

Find out how do we measure bugs here!

Can't find a framework you know?

The list here only contains 18 frameworks, but this is just a starting point for this entire project. Send an email to and other platforms will be reviewed.

The primary focus of this website is open source. For a framework to be added to the list it needs to:

  • have an open repository on github / bitbucket / other platform
  • (or) have an active community
  • use issue labels to identify bugs (for new frameworks)

Some of the platforms followed do have paid versions, but due to many restrictions and limitations there is no way to review them.